Craft isn't the PKM app we thought it would be, but it's still a darn good app.
With all the new players in the PKM world I still use Obsidian.
A quick update on what is coming up.
Kinopio has a super fresh design and is one of the most unique PKM apps I've seen in a while.
TL;DR: Evernote has a solid feature set with even a few features that are exceptional like Home and Tasks integration, but it still lacks modern…
Taking a look at a Notion-styled app that is focused more on note-taking.
A little CSS to make Roam a little easier to touch on mobile.
I think this is actually a pretty killer feature that other apps should copy.
I was asked this question in the Athens Research Discord channel when I was asking if they had plans for mobile. I thought I knew the answer, but as I…
This is a post that is coming from some frustration with using some apps. Let's talk about folding text. Folding text/sections, or whatever you want to…
I've been going down the web3 rabbit hole the past few weeks. It's been crazy. Late nights reading articles about dapps, daos, smart contracts, etc. I'm…
Craft is really a beautiful app. Everything feels pixel perfect and it is a testament to how beautiful and fast a native app can be when compared to a…